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MLA’s Summer Lamb campaign calls for Trans-Tasman unity

21 January 2019

Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) summer campaign for Australian Lamb has launched today, calling for Australia and New Zealand to come together over a lamb meal.

Building on the new brand platform ‘Share the Lamb’, the integrated campaign sets out to extend the ‘rosemary sprig’ to our neighbouring nation and bridge the divide over something everyone can agree on - Lamb.

The campaign features a new long-form advert, which takes us back to 1900 when Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, was finalising the Constitution Act to make New Zealand part of the Commonwealth. This actual historical moment then inspires two modern day Aussie politicians to connect both countries again.

The stage is then set for both nations to come together over a lamb barbecue, amongst a huge floating party in the middle of the Tasman Sea. The comical advert celebrates the best of both nations and joins us together in New Australia-Land.

MLA Domestic Market Manager, Graeme Yardy, said our quality Australian Lamb would again be front and centre of the campaign, while utilising our brand’s trademark humour to actively encourage consumers to come together and share some Australian Lamb.

“The good-humoured rivalry between Australia and New Zealand is something that underpins both countries’ cultures. As a brand, Lamb stands for unity, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring both nations together over some tasty Aussie Lamb,” Mr Yardy said.

“Our marketing is driven by deep consumer insights. We know that undoubtedly, Lamb is the meal that Australians love to share across the summer. Our job is to remind consumers of these great opportunities to enjoy Lamb and the care and quality of Australia’s hard working Lamb producers.”

The campaign will see the advert run across national metro and regional TV, digital, social and radio. As part of the broader campaign, media partners - Nova Network and Junkee - will support the campaign across multiple channels, encouraging both nations to unite as New Australia-Land.

Nova Network’s Fitzy and Wippa will help bring the campaign to life through a series of activities, culminating in an event to celebrate New Australia-Land and bring both nations together over a summer Lamb lunch. Digital partners Junkee will integrate the campaign onto their site by capturing video and editorial content of Aussies and New Zealanders coming together over Lamb.

In-store, product-focused point-of-sale will deliver meal inspiration, focusing on the variety of different lamb cuts and cuisines. Trans-Tasman recipes developed by Daniel Wilson, will underpin the campaign and inspire Aussies to cook and share a Lamb meal together.

“The campaign has been designed to support continued strong sales for Lamb and ultimately provide strong returns for the dedicated community of Australian Lamb producers,” Mr Yardy said.

Watch the film via the Australian Lamb Facebook and YouTube page or view the content at

Photo caption: Australian Lamb is front and centre of MLA’s summer campaign, launched today.