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Sharing red meat’s story with 15,000 consumers in three months

06 June 2019

A key part of MLA’s community engagement activities, the Paddock to Plate VR bus has spent the last three months on the road in NSW, Victoria and the ACT engaging consumers about how Australian lamb is produced.

The virtual reality roadshow took place on-board The Think Digital Coach and focused on engaging with metropolitan consumers in the big city centres. Since kicking off its tour, the coach visited:

  • 34 community events, including AgriFutures evokeAG in Melbourne, the Royal Canberra Show, Newcastle Show, the Sydney Royal Easter Show and the Tocal Field days
  • 29 schools.

By the journey’s end, 14,789 people had been immersed in the Australian lamb production chain using virtual reality technology.

What is the Australian Lamb Paddock to Plate Story?

This immersive 360⁰ experience was created to share the story of Australian lamb production from the farm right through to the consumer, and underpins why Australia produces the greatest lamb on earth. With the help of some virtual reality goggles, viewers are transported into the world of Australian sheep farming, transportation, processing and end markets, such as butchers.

Did you know?

  • Recent research shows that only about one in five meat-eaters have a good understanding of the Australian red meat industry.
  • There are now almost 20% fewer Australians from urban centres visiting cattle or sheep farms annually, compared to eight years ago.

MLA’s community engagement program

The Paddock to Plate Story resource is an important part of MLA’s community engagement program and domestic market strategy.

Virtual reality technology is an engaging tool the Australian red meat industry uses to inform the community of the hard work and stringent practice that goes into producing a top quality product, from the producer through to the butcher or restaurant.

Since the launch of MLA’s Paddock to Plate Story virtual reality campaign in 2017, more than 50,000 people have experienced Australia’s beef and lamb production systems through this fully immersive resource.