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A note from Andrew Cox

26 April 2024

As our senior managers wrap up annual planning and stakeholder meetings, I wanted to share some key takeaways and exciting developments for the international program as we gear up for the 2025 financial year and beyond.

Adapting to change and prioritising partnerships

In our discussions, we recognised the importance of continually adapting our international program to a multitude of factors including budgetary constraints and cost inflation, media landscape shifts, evolving global food trends, consumer and customer sentiment and geopolitical dynamics.

With increasing global demand for Australian beef and lamb, there are many opportunities to partner in customer promotions.

These partnerships then need to be prioritised to ensure the greatest potential for long-term benefit.

Our Market Development partnerships have continued to prove to be a successful collaborative platform, with significant investment from both MLA and Australian exporters.

We are gathering insights to further refine and strengthen this initiative in the upcoming fiscal year.

Enhancing Aussie Meat Academy

The Aussie Meat Academy has emerged as a cornerstone of global education and inspiration efforts. To capitalise on its success, we are looking to enhance its online presence and explore opportunities to integrate vocational elements into the program, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for food professionals worldwide.

We are committed to investing in our ambassador programs through continuing to provide international food professionals with firsthand knowledge of Australia's fantastic food production environment.

In partnership with Federal and State Governments, our investments in programs like 'Lambassador' and 'Aussie Beef Mates' cultivate educated ambassadors who can champion Australian products abroad, driving long-term benefits for industry.

Market access priorities

There remains much work to be done to reduce technical and economic barriers for Australian red meat. A huge industry-wide effort is clearly required firstly to maintain access to existing markets, but also to ensure we are taking advantage of market access gains already made.

Optimism for the future

Despite the challenges ahead, there is a palpable sense of optimism among those engaged in international markets, and a strong desire to collaborate and pursue shared objectives.

Upcoming events

Looking ahead, we have major international trade shows lined up in Singapore (FHA) and Shanghai (SIAL), following recent successful exhibitions in Tokyo and Dubai. These events present valuable opportunities to showcase Australian red meat to key stakeholders and decision-makers.

As always, please feel free to reach out for any further details on our international marketing activities.

Best regards,

Andrew Cox