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Getting your eye in

21 August 2018

Do you know what you’re looking for when assessing which does and bucks to retain for breeding? MLA’s new booklet A guide to visual assessment of goats is now available to download. The booklet, which offers clear trait descriptions and example photos for quick and easy reference, can be used in conjunction with genetic pedigree and performance information such as estimated breeding values (EBVs) and specialised indexes. See KIDPLAN for more information.

A guide to visual assessment of goats is for commercially focused producers with herd productivity-impacting traits. Once identified, these traits can be selected for or against, with their significance weighted according to the importance. You should determine which traits are important to your business from an economic and animal welfare perspective and develop a selection program accordingly.

To download your copy visit and search for the document title. Hard copies of the booklet will soon be available and can be ordered via the same link.

Thank you to NSW producer Colin Ramsay for helping develop the guide. View a short video with Colin about the importance of genetics to your goat business.