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Are you eligible to be listed on the exporters database?

06 December 2023

The Aussie Meat Trade Hub is Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) single-source for resources and services to assist with buying, selling, promoting and marketing Australian beef, lamb and goatmeat products across global markets.

As an Australian exporter and/or producer, you may be eligible to be listed on the Aussie Meat Trade Hub Exporters Database.

What is available within the Exporters Database and what’s new?

  • Importers and international customers can search for suitable exporters.
  • NEW: Importers and international customers can refine search results based on their product needs and requirements to find the best match.
  • NEW: Importers and international customers can connect directly with potential exporters using the enquiry form.
  • NEW: The new enquires tool improves the quality of the enquires that you receive. Interested customers complete mandatory fields before submitting which enables the enquiry to be filtered before forwarding onto prospective exporters.
  • NEW: Exporters can improve their online presence via the Exporter profile which includes functionality to add:
    • Business information, products and cuts, accreditations, certifications and countries serviced.
    • Documents such as product catalogues and brochures.
    • Videos and images to promote your business, brand and/or product range.