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Aussie Beef takes on London with beach BBQ

26 April 2024

MLA’s global brand ‘Aussie Beef’ recently collaborated with Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ) to bring Australian warmth and hospitality to UK chefs and food industry professionals through an Aussie Beach BBQ event thrown in the heart of winter.

The event, held at Fazenda, Bishopsgate, featured high quality Aussie Beef products that are now widely available in the UK market, including grassfed, grainfed and Wagyu beef.

With attendees sporting Hawaiian shirts and thongs (flip flops) despite the cold weather, the night at Fazenda was filled with beach vibes and Aussie classics thanks to DJ Michelle Lynn.

Several barbecue food stations offered samples of Australia's finest beef exports, such as the JBS Queenslander grassfed beef and AACo Wagyu beef, known for its exceptional marbling and flavour.

The event menu included dishes like Wagyu beef skewers, Wagyu Aussie Pies and Queensland steak sandwiches and the obligatory Aussie sausage in bread.

The Aussie Beach BBQ organised by the MLA UK office aimed to spotlight the excellence of Queensland beef, a significant contributor to Australia's $3.7 billion beef export industry.

As well as beef, the event showcased Australian beer, gin, wine and seafood.

Attendees praised the quality of Australian beef and the event's lively atmosphere.

TIQ CEO Justin McGowan emphasised Queensland's global reputation for beef quality, indicating the event's role in promoting Queensland beef internationally.

Opportunities on the horizon

Moving forward, Aussie Beef aims to continue promoting high quality Australian beef in the UK market, focusing on the product's consistency, superior quality and world-leading standards of animal welfare, sustainability, safety and traceability.

As diners and buyers increasingly recognise this, the future looks promising for Australian beef exports in the UK.

The success of the Aussie Beach BBQ event underscores the commitment of Aussie Beef to offer consumers a trustworthy and quality product. With a focus on sustainability, animal welfare and rigorous grading systems, Aussie Beef continues to set the standard for premium Australian product.