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BunkBot adoption demonstrations begin

01 March 2021

Key points:

  • The BunkBot is an autonomous robot that manoeuvres a Bunk Scanner around a feedlot
  • Register now to attend the first BunkBot demonstration on Wednesday 21 April 2021

Lot feeders can now see the BunkBot at work in a commercial setting with Mort & Co’s Pinegrove Feedlot near Millmerran, Queensland, set to host on-site demonstrations of the technology.

Starting from 21 April 2021, Pinegrove Feedlot will host monthly demonstrations on the third Wednesday of each month from 10am -1pm.

An integrated system developed by automation and robotics solution company Manabotix, BunkBot is an autonomous robot that manoeuvres a Bunk Scanner around a feedlot, providing feed remaining estimates that have been proven to be more accurate and precise than humans.

Pinegrove Feedlot adopted the BunkBot robot into their routine bunk calling operations after seeing multiple benefits to their business during an on-site trial. Through a demonstration site funded by MLA, Pinegrove will now host other Australian lot feeders to demonstrate first-hand the opportunities this technology presents to the industry.

Automation and robotics solution company Manabotix successfully developed the automated feed bunk scanner which has proven to be more precise and accurate than human callers.

Manabotix Managing Director Dr Stuart McCarthy said the demonstrations would highlight the opportunities that BunkBot presents to the industry.

“The demonstrations will provide lot feeders with the ability to see the BunkBot operating in a commercial environment and hear about how this technology is working at Pinegrove,” Dr McCarthy said.

“With the adoption of BunkBot, Pinegrove Feedlot have introduced night calls to their operations, enabling them to collect more data, improve feed utilisation and increase knowledge of feed intake.

“Another huge benefit has been the ability to free up highly skilled employees who were carrying out bunk calls and use their expertise and time elsewhere.”


Bookings for the monthly demonstrations at Pinegrove Feedlot are available through ALFA-MLA Technical Services Officer Jeff House:
P: 0419 262 207