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Enhanced eNVD system now more accessible

06 March 2024

Integrity Systems Company (ISC), a subsidiary of Meat & Livestock Australia, has upgraded the electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) web-based system and mobile app to give it greater accessibility to all supply chain users.

Thirteen enhancements have been designed in direct response to industry feedback to both platforms with the new features going live on 1 March, 2024.

The eNVD web-based system now offers greater accessibility to other users in the supply chain, including livestock transporters, agents, saleyards, feedlots and processors.

The new features have aligned the two systems and mean users can seamlessly transition between consignments created on either the web or the app with ease.

The eNVD Livestock Consignments app, which features the ability to submit and share consignments even when there is no internet service, was first launched in November 2022. Since then, it has been downloaded 30,000 times and usage continues to increase.

The upgraded eNVD system offers enhanced functionality, improved user experience, and new features designed to streamline livestock management and compliance processes for users.

Features include:

  • Broadened range of supply chain users who can access the eNVD web-based system including transporters, agents, saleyards, feedlots, processors and other receivers. Transport companies can now use the eNVD web system to assign multiple drivers to consignments that involve long journeys.
  • Ability to grant third-party access to other supply chain users so consignments can be viewed and shared digitally down the supply chain.
  • All supply chain users can now comment on consignments. This is a useful communication tool for producers to use if they wish to provide additional information about the animals in the consignment. Transporters can also use this feature when collecting or dropping livestock off out of hours or to clarify a headcount discrepancy.
  • Easy attachment of food safety and statutory declarations in both the web and app systems. These attachments stay with the consignment for the life of its journey and anyone with permission can view them.
  • Simplified access to eNVDs through a direct link on the myMLA dashboard.

ISC Chief Executive Officer Jo Quigley said the eNVD system improvements mark an important step in the continued development of the eNVD system.

“These features have significantly improved the functionality and usability of the eNVD system across both the web and the app. The improved system and features will streamline business and livestock management process across the supply chain and continue to support industry in its shift away from paper NVDs,” Ms Quigley said.

“These updates represent ISC’s commitment to providing producers, and the broader supply chain, with a more complete digital livestock consignment solution.”

Demonstration webinars designed specifically for producers, agents, saleyards, transporters and processors are being held in March to demonstrate the new eNVD features. Click here for more information and to register. All registrants will receive a recording of the session and other eNVD support resources.