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Ewe-niquely genetics: MLA launches a brand-new podcast by Sheep Genetics

03 May 2024

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched a brand-new podcast that discusses all things Sheep Genetics and how sheep producers can make best use of the genetic tools available.

Launched on 1 May 2024, Ewe-niquely Genetics, a podcast by Sheep Genetics, hosted by Chloe Bunter, Development Officer MERINOSELECT at MLA, will discuss all things Sheep Genetics through in-depth interviews with scientists, old and new faces from Sheep Genetics history, breeders and more.

MLA’s Manager of Sheep Genetics Peta Bradley said that the podcast is another method to engage with producers in meaningful and impactful ways.

“Agriculture is an ever-changing landscape, and we recognise our clients have busy and dynamic businesses,” Ms Bradley said.

“Podcasts are an easily accessible and popular method of communication for producers. Producers can listen at any time, relisten if needed and when it suits them. The content can be listened to in their home, car or in the paddock.

“Developing and maintaining a podcast also allows the Sheep Genetics team to cater content to suit the time of year and distribute relevant information in a timely manner.”

The Ewe-niquely Genetics aims to maintain and further increase the high level of knowledge and understanding of the world-leading Sheep Genetics analysis to ram breeders.

It will also articulate information about genetics in an easily consumable fashion, enhancing the understanding and knowledge of genetics to the wider agricultural industry.

Episode 1 was released Wednesday 1 May 2024 and features Ermirus Professor Rob Banks, Former Director of the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU). Prof Banks worked for MLA for nearly 25 years and was one of the principal architects of Sheep Genetics.

Episodes will be released fortnightly on Spotify.

To listen to the podcast, please visit Ewe-niquely Genetics, a podcast by Sheep Genetics