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Getting the Inside Edge in grazing land management

19 November 2018

Throughout November BeefConnect is holding webinars all about FORAGE, an online system that generates and distributes customised property-scale reports, to help grazing land management decision making in Queensland. It incorporates climate data, satellite imagery and modelled pasture growth

The webinars explain what reports and information are currently available, including the popular 'land type', 'rainfall and pasture' and 'ground cover' reports. As well as how to access and order reports for your property. The soon to be released 'pasture growth alert' and 'safe carrying capacity' reports will also be previewed.

Presenters include Grant Stone, Principal Scientist (Department of Environment and Science) and host Greg Bath (FutureBeef).

Webinars are being held on the 15th and 29th November and are being recorded.

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