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Global Markets Update – a note from Andrew Cox

28 June 2022

In March, MLA’s international market leaders were able to come together face-to-face in Australia for the first time in over three years. Key on the agenda was improving consistency and collaboration across our 16 offshore locations, and ultimately for this financial year and beyond we will have only four large, global and scalable projects across the whole team. These include:

1. Market access: including the technical and economic access activities MLA conducts as a foundation stone of the international program.

2. Target: brings together key account and supply chain targeted activities MLA conduct’s, including trade shows, point-of-sale and instore promotions, menu promotions and co-marketing activities.

3. Aussie Meat Academy: brings together MLA’s work completed offshore for building knowledge, education and inspiration in the food industry. This includes seminars, immersions and e-learning, Lambassador and a new brand ambassador program for True Aussie Beef.

4. Country of origin brand building: activities such as True Aussie Beef and Lamb consumer campaigns, public relations and social media.

Lambassador program

Lambassador is an excellent example of the benefits of taking a global and scalable approach to the way the MLA international team works.

Starting in Japan in 2015 and spreading to Korea and South-East Asia, Lambassador was recently launched globally in Melbourne. It was launched with 27 well connected food industry professionals from 10 countries who came together to learn more about the Australian red meat and livestock industry, share ideas and build their own food knowledge.

This scale and MLA’s ability to execute across numerous markets is what attracts investment support from the likes of Global Victoria (Victoria’s trade development department). The launch in Melbourne is just the beginning, MLA now has a global network of passionate advocates for Australian lamb who are already providing on the ground promotions.