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GOAT TRACK initiative to drive domestic consumption of goatmeat

04 January 2024

MLA’s domestic marketing team will be launching a new domestic industry marketing campaign – GOAT TRACK, in April 2024. The new initiative will help consumers find goatmeat on local menus and raise awareness about how it can be cooked via:

  • a content piece taking consumers around Sydney in search of goat on menus
  • highlights on where to find goat as well as the various ways it can be prepared and eaten by different cultures
  • the Goat Trail – to be hosted by an influential chef who will also develop their own goat recipe, inspired by GOAT TRACK, to help promote cooking goat at home.

Driving awareness

Not many domestic red meat consumers in Australia would be aware that Australia is the world’s #1 exporter of goatmeat. In fact, the domestic consumer is becoming increasingly interested in consuming goatmeat due to its nutritional attributes and consumer cultural drivers.

To help drive awareness and make goat more accessible to consumers, MLA will introduce GOAT TRACK, an engaging content piece highlighting where to find goat in venues around Sydney and showcasing a range of cuts, preparations and cuisines. This initiative replaces the previous Goatober campaigns used to promote goatmeat domestically.

Produced through MLA’s foodservice inspiration platform Rare Medium, the content piece will be launched in April 2024. As the weather starts to cool down, it represents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a range of delicious goat dishes at a restaurant or inspire consumers to give goat a go at home.