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Goatmeat strategic plan on track

13 December 2018

The Australian goatmeat industry is on track to achieving key targets as it looks to stabilise its supply base and capture new market opportunities.

The findings are contained in a mid-term review of the Goatmeat and Livestock Industry Strategic Plan 2020. The five-year research and development (R&D) plan was developed by the Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA), with support from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Australia is one of the world’s biggest goatmeat exporters. In 2017, Australian goatmeat exports totalled 28,426 tonnes shipped weight, and were valued at $257 million.

The plan details clear R&D targets for the industry to improve on-farm practices and grow production and exports.

GICA President, John Falkenhagen, said a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) have been achieved or are on track to be delivered by 2020.

“Within the current Goatmeat and Livestock Industry Strategic Plan, the vision is to secure the industry’s future as an innovative, profitable and resilient world leader in goat production,” Mr Falkenhagen said.

“We are now halfway through the plan’s timeframe and the mid-term review has been completed by GICA and MLA, concluding the industry is overwhelmingly making good progress.

“The plan identified several KPIs and critical success factors to enable the industry to grow and prosper.

“A feasibility study into opportunities to encourage goatmeat consumption in Australia has been completed and identified that value-adding could create more demand and potentially generate $13 million for the industry annually.

“R&D investment to date has resulted in the establishment of a population modelling program, the launch of a new series of best practice videos about the Australian goatmeat industry to help boost productivity in the sector, and goat specific parasite management content on the WormBoss website.

“Goatmeat producers also now have access to a new guide to help visually assess does and bucks when they’re making production decisions, and the National Goat Roadshow will continue in 2019.”

MLA Goat Industry Project Manager, Julie Petty, said following grassroots producer feedback, the industry is progressing with investments relating to eating quality, kid loss and the lifetime management of breeding does.

“One of the plan’s KPIs is that by 2020, the industry achieves productivity growth above baseline levels of 0.5%, and R&D investments are built around driving practice change and delivering measurable impact,” Ms Petty said.

The Goatmeat and Livestock Industry Strategic Plan 2020 is available here.