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Help us help the northern beef industry

08 December 2021

If you’re a northern, central or western Queensland cattle producer who can provide slaughter cattle, we want to hear from you…

The University of New England and MLA have joined forces to generate more value for the Australian beef industry by increasing the number of Meat Standard Australia (MSA) eligible carcases.

The project aims to understand the eating quality impact of rail transport in comparison to road transport, along with understanding other factors such as rest periods.

Work in this space has been underway since 2018 and has faced supply and logistical issues due to environmental extremes. The project now seeks slaughter cattle in early 2022 to avoid missing the opportunity of enabling MSA cattle to be consigned via rail.


Cattle need to meet the following criteria:  

1. A minimum consignment of more than 100 head. Cattle will leave the property by truck and then be either consigned by truck or rail to a Southern Qld processing plant. Cattle are required to be:

    a. 0-6 tooth finished slaughter cattle

    b. Ready to slaughter before May 2022

2. Property yard requirements would include:

    a. The ability to draft three ways

    b. Preferably scales to collect an on-farm weight prior to transport


Participation in this project will not lead to a financial penalty at slaughter. All costs over and above normal mustering, stress associations and transport to the abattoir will be covered by the project.