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Industry experts offer something for everyone in new webinar series

22 May 2024

Key points:

  • Turn eID compliance into business opportunity.
  • Produce quality beef from dairy calves.
  • Target heifer productivity for more calves.

The Productivity & Profitability series has returned for winter. Join the seminars live or listen to the podcast.

Building a better business is a lot easier with guidance from experts, and with the return of MLA’s Productivity & Profitability (P&P) series, practical advice from the right people is just one-click away.

Through a series of live monthly webinars and corresponding podcasts, P&P provides a range of knowledgeable speakers to aid on-farm decision making for beef, sheep, and goat producers.

The line-up for winter 2024 features presenters who are armed with topical information to help every beef, sheep, and goat producer harness the latest research and data to increase business success through the colder months.

Wednesday 12 June – Sally Martin: eID: does it really add value?

Sally Martin sees opportunity in sheep and goat eID.

The January 2025 deadline for sheep and goat electronic identification (eID) is fast approaching. While it may be mandatory, if used effectively, eID can bring many business opportunities beyond compliance.

Sally Martin from SheepMetriX joins P&P to discuss the benefits of using eID, including management, production and breeding opportunities and the growing potential for animal-specific carcase feedback.

Implemented well, the additional cost of compliance can create opportunity for increased profits.

Wednesday 10 July – Callen Thompson: Growing beef from dairy

Callen Thompson joins the series to discuss growing beef from dairy.

Dairy producers are facing an ongoing issue with their social licence to operate as they tackle the question of what to do with excess calves which can’t be absorbed into the herd.

Ongoing research between MLA and Dairy Australia is providing insights into how well-managed dairy beef has the potential to be a quality product and provide another income stream for producers.

Callen Thompson from Agstar Projects will walk you through how to breed, feed and manage surplus calves to meet market specifications.

Wednesday, 14 August – Elke Hocking: Hot tips for heifers

Elke Hocking will share her best advice when it comes to heifers.

The list of ways to increase productivity and profitability with heifers is long, often overwhelming, and varies for every producer.

An MLA-funded study involving 19 beef businesses is doing the work for you, to find which methods work best to improve breeder reproduction rates from heifers through to their second calving, and why.

SA Livestock Consultant Elke Hocking presents the facts so far when it comes to solving reproductive issues, and shares extensive insights from the project, including factoring in nutrition requirements, weight targets, calving time and animal health along with genetic selection and bull fertility.