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Jason Strong to depart MLA at Christmas

30 November 2023

After nearly five years as Managing Director at Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), Mr Jason Strong has resigned and will leave the organisation on December 22.

Mr Strong said it had been a privilege to lead MLA for nearly five years and now was a good time to create an opportunity for the next leaders of MLA.  

“We have just completed a very successful MLA Updates event in Bendigo,” Mr Strong said. “It demonstrated so many good things that MLA has done and are doing to support the Australian red meat and livestock industry.  We are about to commence the development of the final year Annual Investment Plan of the current strategic plan and early next year we will be developing the next five-year plan.

“We have a great team and it will be good timing at Christmas to step aside and give the other leaders in the business the opportunity to develop and own those plans.

“The Australian livestock industry has an abundance of opportunity. There are other things I want to do and be part of in the industry that I am unable to do with the commitment I have to my role at MLA. I don’t want to juggle as many competing demands on my time.

“MLA is a fantastic organisation and I feel like I have made a positive contribution. I am confident the team I leave behind will build on that and make it even better.”

MLA Chairman Mr Alan Beckett thanked Mr Strong for his service to MLA, both in his current role as Managing Director and his numerous other roles with MLA domestically and internationally over a period that first started alongside the creation of MLA 25 years ago.

“Jason’s knowledge of and commitment to the industry is exceptional,” Mr Beckett said. “He has led from the front with his passion for delivering value for levy-payers and government stakeholders.

“He has helped deliver immense value for MLA, covering all areas of our operations, including research and development, marketing, community engagement, MSA, adoption and much more. On behalf of the MLA Board, I extend my thanks and gratitude for Jason’s commitment to MLA and the industry.”

Mr Beckett said that the recruitment process for MLA’s next Managing Director would be announced in due course. MLA Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Ferguson, will be interim Managing Director.