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Joining forces to tell our story

01 August 2019

MLA has joined forces with influential Australian business people and farming leaders to better connect producers with consumers through the Telling Our Story initiative.

The fully-integrated communications campaign will span multiple media channels, including print and digital, with red meat producers appearing alongside farmers from all agricultural sectors to tell the story of how and why they feed and clothe the world.

Telling red meat’s story

Led by the National Farmers Federation (NFF), the initiative taps into the idea the most powerful way to communicate is human connection; therefore producers – already strongly trusted and supported by Australians – should be at the heart of the story.

MLA Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Lisa Sharp said the gap between those who produce food and fibre and those who consume it was getting wider.

“At the same time, consumers – particularly in developed markets – have never been more interested in the ‘what, how and who’ behind brands, good and services,” she said.

“Alongside having their physical needs met, these consumers want to feel they’ve made a good choice. While that means different things to different people, for the livestock industry it largely means the consumer wants to make a choice that’s ‘good for the animal, good for the environment and good for me’.”

A team approach

Businesses and others with a passion for agriculture’s future, including leading voices such as Richard Goyder, Alison Watkins and Robbie Sefton, have thrown their support behind the concept, saying the team approach will be very effective.

Lisa said the campaign will not be a ‘one hit wonder’ but rather draw on the concept that a good story is an enduring story.

“NFF thought long and hard about how to make this a long-lasting initiative,” she said.

A high-calibre board has been established, putting strong governance around the work.

“It’s a well-managed, well thought-out strategy which gives MLA confidence it will have the ability to attract ongoing investment from numerous sources and allow us to build on the extensive work we already do in this space – and provide a far greater reach for our messages,” Lisa said.

Building trust in red meat producers

The campaign aims to enhance the trust consumers have for farmers. For those who have questions, the opportunity will be there to dive into sectoral information.

“We’ll connect MLA’s extensive community engagement work to this initiative,” Lisa said.

“For example, we have the Australian Good Meat program and website. This site answers many common questions about the way red meat is produced and is an easily accessible resource for curious consumers.

“Further, this will link in with our school and advocates program and the work we do with community organisations to make red meat’s good story known.

“For those who want to go a step further, we already have the answers and we’re open to provide them.”