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Livestock Advisor Updates bursary now open

16 June 2022

The Livestock Advisor Updates program aims to support the entry of less experienced/new industry participants into red meat industry professional roles.

The events provide a great opportunity for new livestock professionals to expand both their network and their knowledge base. As a result, bursaries to attend Livestock Advisor Updates (north, south and western events) are available to new industry participants.

Red meat professionals who have less than five years’ experience in providing services to livestock producers are eligible to apply for a $400 bursary to attend their closest Livestock Advisor Updates event.

Age is not a barrier to applying, however, applicants must be currently employed in a professional livestock industry role. Priority will be given to applicants who do not have financial support from their employer to enable them to attend the event. There will be two bursaries available for each Livestock Advisor Updates event.

To apply for a bursary, applicants must complete the bursary application form and tell the working group in 250 words or less how receiving a bursary to attend Livestock Advisor Updates will benefit the livestock producer clients they interact with, and their career in the livestock industry. Applicants will also need to submit their CV, including two referees.

The bursary may be used to contribute towards travel costs (and will include a complimentary event ticket). Where travel costs aren’t applicable or do not total $400 or above then the applicant should indicate in an additional 200 words or less how they will use the remaining bursary funds to further their professional development.


2022 Bursary key dates

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1 June 2022

24 June 2022

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29 August 2022

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