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Living for beef production

16 May 2019

The care, passion and sheer craft involved in beef production left a strong impression on MLA’s Senior Brand Manager Beef Samantha Warfield Smith after a recent supply chain tour.

Samantha joined a group of mostly government agriculture department staff on Cattle Council of Australia’s (CCA) annual rural awareness tour in Western Australia. CCA runs the event annually, featuring a different state each time, to provide insight into every aspect of the beef supply chain.

From farms to feedlots, processing plants and shipping ports, the group was taken through the daily business of operations.

“For the people behind the scenes, beef production is not just a living, it’s what they live for," she said.

“One of the things that really stood out was how open, accommodating and willing people in the beef industry are to answer questions and show what they do and the many, many different roles involved.”

Samantha said the low-stress management of animals and how it underpins production was one of the most interesting aspects of the tour.

“It’s extremely valuable in my role with the beef brand for domestic marketing to have a good understanding of all the steps in the supply chain,” Samantha said.

“From those who work at quarantine stations to the producers themselves, there is immense passion and dedication to this industry."