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MLA progresses initiatives to assist producers in bushfire recovery

31 January 2020

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has progressed two new initiatives to assist red meat producers affected by recent bushfires with their recovery and rebuild.

The two initiatives are:

  • The Bushfire Recovery Sponsorship Program which provides financial and in-kind support of up to $2,500 per event for industry events that increase awareness and adoption of information and resources that will support producers recovering from bushfires.
  • Back to Business which allows producers in fire-affected regions to access up to three free one-on-one-sessions with a local farm business consultant to help put their business back on track.

MLA Managing Director Jason Strong said the recent bushfires across many parts of Australia have been devastating for many livestock producers.

“MLA is initiating a number of activities that will support impacted producers through the bushfire recovery phase.” Mr Strong said.

“These include the allocation of sponsorship funding towards information sessions that will support producers in bushfire-affected regions – with up to $2,500 available per event.

“Given the devastation for many as a result of the fires, these types of community events for affected producers and communities are vital – not only as a source of information to assist in the rebuild – but also as a way to bring the community together.  That sense of community - and understanding that they are not alone in rebuilding - can be just as important as other practical information.”

Mr Strong said the Back to Business program would also provide critical one-on-one support for producers tailored to their business.

“During the sessions, producers will be given tailored support to assess their current situation, work through the key issues and opportunities and prioritise what actions to take. We understand that each situation is likely to be very different and so the program that has been developed has flexibility to meet the needs of individuals,” Mr Strong said.

MLA will have further information in the coming days on other bushfire recovery activities, including information sessions in conjunction with state departments and state farming organisations on how to manage through the bushfire recovery process.