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National Vendor Declarations – a must for goat producers

04 April 2024

Key points:

  • The Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (NVD) is required for all goat movements.
  • Uptake of the electronic NVD (eNVD) system has risen steadily over the past year.
  • Integrity Systems Company (ISC) launched a range of new features for the eNVD web-based system and Livestock Consignments App in March.

Australia is the largest exporter of goatmeat in the world, with international demand for Australian goatmeat skyrocketing last year thanks to the rise in demand from markets including China.

With the Australian goat industry shipping more than 90% of its product overseas, it’s critical that the robustness of Australia’s red meat traceability is maintained and access to these valuable international markets is protected.

To ensure our exports remain a trusted source of disease-free livestock, the NVD is required for all goat movements to communicate the food safety status which underpins export market access.

NVDs are required when moving goats to other properties, saleyards, processors and feedlots.

Enhanced features coming to eNVD app and web 

Uptake of the electronic NVD (eNVD) system has risen steadily over the past year as more producers become aware of the value that digital consignments bring to the traceability chain. 

The number of producers making the switch to digital is set to increase this year follwoing ISC’s launch of a range of new features for the eNVD web-based system and Livestock Consignments App in early March. 

These changes mean improved support for a wider range of users across the supply chain, with better streamlining of consignment access and management, as well as enhanced communication and documentation capabilities.

These include:

  • Expanded access to the web-based eNVD system for users beyond producers, including transporters, agents, saleyards, police and authorised officers, state departments, on-plant vets and other buyers and receivers. Previously these users could only gain access through the eNVD mobile app.  
  • Adding attachments to consignments. Producers can now add a range of declarations as they complete a consignment, with these forms visible to anyone with permission to view the consignment on mobile or web-based eNVD platforms.  
  • Leaving comments on consignments. Receivers, transporters and other authenticated viewers can now add comments to a consignment, which are visible to anyone with permission to view the consignment on either of the eNVD platforms.  
  • Daily alerts. The eNVD system now sends daily emails to consignment receivers, alerting them to any consignments arriving that day and any consigned to them during the previous 24 hours. 
  • Splitting a single consignment between multiple buyers. The new system allows a saleyard or agent to split a consignment and allocate stock to individual buyers.   
  • Expanded access for authenticated viewers. Special access now enables transporters to edit the transport section by adding other drivers.

Download the eNVD app now: 

Switching to mobile consignments makes sense

While digital consignments are not mandatory, they are not only free to access and the fastest, easiest, and most accurate option for goat producers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Convenience – Once the eNVD is created online using the app or web-based system, it can be updated with or without an internet connection, allowing consignments to be finalised and shared while offline. Once back in range, simply open the app to sync the consignment details with the eNVD platform.
  • Efficiency –Information is securely stored and always available for auditing, reporting, and administrative purposes.
  • Time savings– Answers to repetitive questions will pre-populate across quality assurance and health declaration forms and users can also create their own templates.
  • Certainty– The eNVD system ensures the latest version of the form is always available.
  • Flexibility– The eNVD system also allows declarations to be printed and completed by hand.

Ready to make the shift to digital consignments?

ISC’s eNVD app guide provides everything you need to know about getting yourself ready for digital consignments.