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New carbon management modules on ‘The Toolbox’

01 February 2023

Two new carbon management modules are now available on MLA’s free eLearning platform, ‘The Toolbox’.

Packed with practical advice, the training modules focus on the key concepts of carbon accounting and the actions producers can take on-farm to support their emissions reduction and carbon sequestration journey.

What’s covered in the new modules?

Following on from the release of ‘Carbon 101’* in October 2022, the two new modules – ‘Measure Your Own Emissions’ and ‘Carbon Sense’ – provide guidance on the carbon accounting process and steps producers can take to reduce emissions.

Measuring your own emissions: Using the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre Greenhouse Accounting Framework, this module supports producers in understanding what data is needed and how to estimate emissions. It uses custom-built videos to walk producers through using the Sheep and Beef Greenhouse Accounting Framework (SB-GAF) calculator to estimate emissions and establish a baseline emissions profile.

Carbon Sense: This module gives practical advice and tips on how to take action and reduce on-farm to emissions.

Both eLearning modules, which take less than an hour to complete, provide producers with an opportunity to learn through case studies, images, videos, quizzes and practical data application (either their own or default data). They also help producers understand how their learnings can be applied to their current and future planning.

‘Measuring your own emissions’ and ‘Carbon Sense’ were developed and funded in partnership with Australian beef processor, Greenham, with technical support from agribusiness consultants, Pinion Advisory.

Access 'Measuring your own emissions'

Access 'Carbon Sense'