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New feedlot heat load forecasting tool by mistEO

12 September 2023

Australian feedlot operators now have access to a cutting-edge tool for early warning of extreme weather events with the release of Climate Decision Intelligence by mistEO, with its development funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

To celebrate the launch of Climate Decision Intelligence, mistEO is offering Australian feedlots free access to the platform for six months, until the end of January 2024.

Nick Kumaran, mistEO Director for Australia, New Zealand and Asia, said the launch of Climate Decision Intelligence is the culmination of months of collaboration with MLA.

“Feedlot operators told us they wanted accurate forecasting that was updated frequently so they could make the best possible decisions when managing their herd.

“Climate Decision Intelligence is a holistic heat load management tool that combines the latest weather modelling information available from hyper-local sources, combined with expertise in animal husbandry and climate economics to deliver the next generation of climate risk management solutions for producers,” Nick said.

While the platform is focused on heat load management right now, there are plans to incorporate data and insights to support feedlot operators to develop risk mitigation strategies to combat broader environmental, operational, occupational health and safety and financial risks impacting their farm.

“We are all aware that weather patterns are changing, and severe weather events are happening more frequently. We want to support producers to effectively plan for conditions that could impact their livelihoods and food security across the globe.

“We are committed to providing the most accurate heat load management tool, while also being the most affordable. We look forward to partnering with feedlot operators who want to harness the latest technology to grow and protect their operations. Climate Decision Intelligence has a number of innovations in development, including customisable workflows, staff training and sharing of management insights,” Nick said.

Dr. Joe McMeniman, Program Manager – Feedlot for MLA, said the goal of partnering with mistEO was to a create a best-in-class management tool for Australian feedlots.

“We knew that the mistEO team had extensive experience developing heat load indexation tools for the dairy cattle industry in Asia, and we wanted to tap into that expertise to develop a new generation of heat load tools for feedlots. We are thrilled that feedlot operators will have a platform like Climate Decision Intelligence available to them as we approach next summer,” Joe said.