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New ‘over the fire’ cooking videos bring the heat

08 May 2020

This week MLA launched a new video series, ‘Red meat over flame: an Aussie tradition’, featuring MLA’s Corporate Chef Sam Burke. The series takes the Australian barbecuing tradition to the next level, showing foodservice providers and consumers alike how to cook red meat over an open fire.

With the current COVID-19 social distancing regulations in place, MLA’s domestic marketing team has adapted its programs to respond to changing stakeholder demands by:

  • providing the foodservice industry with inspiration on how to serve innovative red meat dishes which are suitable for takeaway
  • help consumers feel confident and excited about cooking red meat at home.

“We had to be creative and think outside the box to deliver our programs and ensure red meat stays on plates across the country,” he said.

“I personally really enjoy cooking over fire – it’s a pure and simple form of cooking which connects us with the ancient world. The meat has a unique smoky flavour profile and I love smelling the aromas of the meat as the juices drip through onto the coals.”

The series includes 11 videos and will feature a range of beef, lamb and goat dishes including primal and sub-primal cuts.

“We’ll teach chefs and consumers the art of judging coals and reading the fire so they know when to put the meat on and off the grill to get the best results,” Sam said.

To help foodservice providers use these dishes straightaway, Sam will provide inspiration on how each dish can be presented in a takeaway, contactless environment, and as a traditional plated dish for those eating at home.

“These dishes provide chefs with inspiration on how they can adapt their menu and continue to serve red meat dishes which are suitable for food delivery services such as Uber Eats. Chefs can learn the open fire cooking techniques and implement them the very next day,” Sam said.

In the first video, released just in time for Mother’s Day, Sam cooks a butterflied lamb leg with cauliflower and zesty salad (pictured below).


The ‘Red meat over flame: an Aussie tradition’ video series will be promoted on the Australian Beef and Lamb websites as well as MLA’s social media channels.