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Products and services supporting carbon neutral red meat production

16 December 2021

A first of its kind for the Australian red meat industry, the catalogue showcases products and services such as GHG accounting tools, certification providers, livestock supplements, forages, genetics, grazing management techniques, and relevant training courses and events.

MLA Program Manager for Sustainability Innovation, Doug McNicholl, said the catalogue had been highly anticipated by producers wanting to understand what’s on offer today to support their carbon neutral plans.

“Producers, and other industry stakeholders, want to know where to start or how to accelerate their carbon neutral journey, and what products and services are on offer or on the horizon.” Mr McNicholl said.

“The catalogue has been compiled using knowledge of products and services with proven benefits for producers and will evolve as new products and services emerge. This is just the beginning.”

Mr McNicholl said MLA would continue to invest in products and services to support the industry to double the value of red meat sales as the trusted source of the highest quality protein in the next ten years.

“Net greenhouse gas emissions from the red meat and livestock industry have more than halved since 2005, which is more than any other sector in Australia,” Mr McNicholl said.

“Industry has achieved this whilst continuing to produce enough delicious and nutritious red meat to feed around 75 million people at home and abroad every year.

“Through the adoption of products and services such as those listed in this catalogue, producers can continue to boost productivity under current and future climate conditions, and consumers will be able to continue enjoying red meat knowing it’s good for the environment and good for them.”

Access the new Carbon Neutral Red Meat Product Catalogue here