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Shopping for a high-performing sire? A checklist for sale day

26 September 2019

With bull and ram sales in full swing, many producers are on the lookout for their next high-performing sire.

While there’s no doubt that a high-performing sire must be structurally sound, have good temperament and be reproductively fit, ‘looking under his hood’ is just as important, helping to build up a fuller picture of all the traits that he can pass on to his progeny – traits like fertility, carcase weight and eating quality.

Click on the link here to check out last week’s article where we looked at the homework to be done before the sire sale that allows you to ‘look under the hoods’ of many sires and objectively select the ones that align with your breeding objective. This list of homework includes:

  • identifying your breeding objective
  • identifying the relevant selection index and breeding values that align with that objective
  • searching for sires that meet your desired indexes and breeding values
  • contacting the stud about the sires you’re interested in
  • developing your shortlist of sires to view on sale day
  • deciding on your budget.

With your homework done, you’re freed up to focus on the physical characteristics of your shortlisted sires on sale day – ticking off those that meet your structural and temperament assessments and your budget.

A ‘sale day checklist’ includes:

1. Visually appraising your shortlisted sires

The basics have not changed. On sale day, cross off sires on your shortlist that don’t meet your structural and temperament assessments or that are not reproductively fit.

2. Making a purchasing plan

Sales can occur quickly and being well prepared prevents rushed decisions, especially when the sires on your list are not lotted in your desired order.

3. Bidding on sires on your shortlist that meet your physical assessments and your budget

With your budget in mind, you can feel confident in bidding on sires that make your cut.