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Six tips to get the most out of your eNVD app

06 December 2023

A range of new features are coming to the eNVD Livestock Consignments app in early 2024.

MAKE SURE you download the latest version of the app (and that your auto-updates are enabled) to enjoy this improved functionality as soon as it’s available.

In the meantime, follow these simple rules to get the most out of your eNVD app, even when you’re working offline.


  • DO check that your transporter and receiver is set up to receive paperless consignments.
  • DO share consignments when you’re off-line by scanning the QR code on your eNVD app.
  • DO use the ‘Share PDF’ feature to forward your consignment by text or email.


  • DON’T assume your transporter and receiver can accept a paperless consignment.
  • DON’T screenshot the QR code to send via text or email (the QR code only works in the app).
  • DON’T scan the QR code using anything besides the eNVD app (no other app can read the data).

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