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What producers can expect from MLA Updates next week

16 November 2023

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)’s annual MLA Updates 2023 will feature a plethora of presentations, displays and demonstrations that will bring levy payers up to speed on MLA’s key investments.

Board Director of Woolworths (Sustainability Chair), Fonterra and ANZ bank, Holly Kramer, is this year’s Keynote Speaker and she will share her insights on ‘sustainability from paddock to plate’.

In the following panel session, Lambpro General Manager Tom Bull, Western Plains Beef producer Iain Bruce, MLA Adoption and Commercial Services Group Manager Sarah Strachan, and MLA Board Director Jack Holden will discuss the solutions and technology that will embrace sustainability and set producers up for success.

For David Allen, a beef and wool producer in Mortlake, Victoria, he’s most interested in hearing more about the CN30 program, and the various agricultural technologies on display.

“Understanding sustainability and the carbon neutrality journey throughout the supply chain is important for me and I’m sure it is for many others coming along to MLA Updates,” said Mr Allen.

“I am also very interested to see the amazing agtech solutions being worked on by MLA and those available now for producers and others in the red meat industry.

“It’s also fantastic to have MLA Updates in our region here in country Victoria. It’ll be fantastic to hear directly from MLA about what they are doing not only here but in communities all around Australia,” said Mr Allen.

There are a range of activities, demonstrations and hubs that producers can participate in. These include: an ISC Hub where they will discuss eNVD and the NLIS Database Uplift project, Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Hub, as well as hubs on Sustainability, Genetics and Livestock Productivity, among others.

For Olivia Lawson, from Paringa Livestock based in Central Victoria, she is looking forward to getting an update on the latest work in sustainability and CN30.

“For me, I am interested in the latest updates in research and development, especially around sustainability and the CN30 target,” said Ms Lawson.

“It will also be great to get a market snapshot and explanation into the state of the livestock and retail markets considering everything that has happened this year.”

There are up to 20 presentations and demonstrations happening at MLA Updates covering a variety of topics, including marketing and insights, research and development and adoption strategies.

Olivia and Tom Lawson and their two sons