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Feedback magazine

MLA's Feedback magazine is the red meat and livestock industry journal, signposting producers to practical on farm information and the latest technological advances that are putting Australian producers in a globally competitive position.

Feedback features production information and case studies, snapshots of MLA's global marketing campaigns and recipes from our foodservice and retail initiatives. A hard copy of Feedback magazine is delivered bi-monthly to MLA members.


Interested in receiving Feedback? Contact MLA at or if you're a producer paying levies become an MLA member and receive Feedback automatically.


Feedback Magazine June 2021/July 2021

Stories from the current edition of Feedback magazine include:

  • Strategies to sharpen your business
  • Carbon management makes good business sense
  • New tool to map vegetation
  • Five ways to check your soil condition
  • Ryegrass triple treat


Previous Editions


Feedback Magazine March 2021/April 2021

  • Five eTools to inform better on-farm decisions
  • How susceptible are your pastures to dieback?
  • Tips to target better beef production
  • Weighing up eID delivers efficiency gains
  • Looking outside the square for innovations

Feedback magazine December 2020/January 2021

  • Helping red meat brand owners ride the COVID‑19 curve
  • Why sustainability matters from paddock to plate
  • Five steps to a productive wet season and beyond
  • Lamb finishing: is it worth it?
  • Red meat perfectly positioned for post‑pandemic health boom
Feedback magazine cover - September/October 2020

Feedback magazine September/October 2020

  • How to choose a sire when you can’t attend a sale
  • Managing phosphorus deficiencies in northern herds
  • Optimise ewe performance in containment
  • Is your transporter TruckSafe
  • Putting butchers back on the map

Feedback magazine July/August 2020

  • Why carbon neutrality matters
  • Meeting climate extremes head-on
  • What you need to know about the new NVDs
  • Beetles with benefits
  • Unlocking leucaena’s potential

Feedback magazine May/June 2020

  • COVID‑19 red meat resources
  • Beef still going for gold
  • Positive scorecard
  • Milestone reached for Merino Lifetime Productivity project
  • Mobile‑friendly eNVD
  • Creating a carbon account for your business
Feedback magazine March_April 2020 R.jpg

Feedback magazine March/April 2020

  • Fire recovery action plan
  • Autumn actions around the country
  • Tropical lot feeding
  • Finding more dollars in grass
  • Producing more lamb per hectare
  • Meat enters the dry age
Feedback Magazine Dec19_Jan 2020 R.jpg

Feedback magazine December 2019/January 2020

  • Building resilient businesses
  • Tools to manage climate risk
  • Managing costs in an uncertain climate
  • MSA drives business decisions
  • Soils for the future
  • Keeping red meat on menus
  • On‑ground MENA insights

Feedback magazine September/October 2019

  • EID pays off
  • Carbon neutral beef
  • Succession secrets
  • Pasture dieback
  • Profitable lot feeding
  • Getting started with breeding values
  • Dumpling dynasty

 Feedback magazine July/August 2019

  • Biosecurity strategies
  • Feed that keeps on giving
  • Herd health focus
  • Breeding for reproduction
  • Art of fencing
  • Snack revolution
  • Genetics special feature included

Feedback magazine May/June 2019

  • Climate tough pastures
  • Meat goes neutral
  • Succession plans
  • Taking on ticks
  • Ladies who livestock
  • Gaining foodservice followers

Feedback magazine February/March 2019

  • Plan for growth
  • Blockchain news
  • Supporting flood-affected producers
  • New invasive research
  • Confinement feeding
  • Can Australian beef get better with age?

Feedback magazine December 2018/January 2019

  • Climate control
  • 20 years of MSA
  • Lamb bacon
  • Better biosecurity
  • Self herding success
  • New directors of MLA

Feedback magazine September/October 2018

  • Carbon reduction
  • Next-era processing
  • MENA insights
  • Cull cow value
  • Unbeatable beets
  • Lambing density

Feedback magazine June/July 2018

  • Clover challenge
  • Ethical meat
  • New lamb definition
  • All the action from Beef Australia 2018
  • Succession success
  • Grazing canola

Feedback magazine April/May 2018

  • Picking good pastures
  • Gaining more calves
  • The model of ewe efficiency
  • Calculating the true value of cuts
  • Airline menu makeovers
  • Australia on a Japanese plate

Feedback magazine February/March 2018

  • 2018 outlook
  • Data-driven innovation
  • Offal investigations
  • Poison prevention
  • Doing it with drones

Feedback magazine December 2017/January 2018

  • Red Meat 2017 round-up
  • MSA's top producers
  • Food for the future
  • Repronomics: new frontier genetics
  • eID value adding

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