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National livestock methane program

The National Livestock Methane Program (NLMP) ran from 2012 – 2015 and included foundational, discovery level research to identify technologies that could increase livestock productivity and reduce the production of enteric methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. The Red Asparagopsis seaweed, which is now being commercialised by CSIRO’s spin-off company Future Feed, is just one of the antimethanogenic technologies that were identified through NLMP research. NLMP built on an earlier program, the Reducing Emissions from Livestock Research Program (RELRP; 2009-2012).

MLA are currently facilitating development of a the National Livestock Methane Program II, to build on outcomes of NLMP and RELRP, but with an increased focus on commercialisation and adoption. The goal of NLMP II is “to bring profitable livestock methane mitigation technologies to market”.

NLMP objectives

  1. develop practical on-farm options to achieve a significant reduction in methane emissions from livestock
  2. quantify the level of abatement achievable while at the same time increasing productivity 
  3. provide the science to underpin methodologies developed under the Emission Reduction Fund

NLMP projects

NLMP consisted of five themes, 16 research projects, and one project to develop a database of NLMP findings.

National Livestock Methane Program themes and projects:

Rumen Microbiology


The National Livestock Methane Program II (NLMP II) builds on previous research, particularly research conducted as part of the first NLMP (2012-2015) and the Reducing Emissions from Livestock Research Program (RELRP; 2009-2012).

While NLMP was primarily involved in foundational, discovery level research, NLMP II is much more focused on the adoption and commercialisation stages of technology development.

The consortium of collaborators that will be involved in NLMP II is currently being developed. This page will be updated to include the consortium structure, the funding and research partners, the activities, and the timelines for NLMP II when this information becomes available.

NLMP II plan on a page


View a larger version of the plan on a page.

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