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Industry leadership

The industry leadership work area includes activities aimed at building leadership capacity and competency across all stakeholders within the red meat industry. This is vital for enabling the transition to a carbon neutral position in 2030.

Key measures of success in 2030

Success in 2030 will be defined as an established network of experienced and respected advisors able to support training, and adoption of practices aligned with the CN30 target across the red meat industry.

Current activities

MLA in collaboration with industry, government and research partners, is investing in research, development and adoption projects to enable industry to move toward the CN30 target.

Examples of research activities include:

  • nurturing existing and developing new relationships with stakeholders to identify and develop industry leaders
  • aligning relevant industry strategies and frameworks such as Red Meat 2030 and the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework
  • working with Peak Industry Councils and government to set clear and stable policy mechanisms, underpinned by science-based evidence that supports research, development and adoptions activities
  • developing science communication mechanisms for all stakeholders
  • running carbon accounting workshops
  • building a Profitable Grazing Systems package for carbon accounting and practice change
  • building a training package aimed at producers as well as extension officers and industry professionals.