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Integrated management systems

The integrated management systems work area includes activities aimed at combining technologies from the emissions avoidance and carbon storage work areas into packages of adoption ready recommended practices. They would include the underlying frameworks, software, business cases, and models to support adoption of these recommended practices.

Key measures of success in 2030

In 2030, success will be measured by:

  • 50% of producers, 100% of feedlots and 100% of processors using a carbon accounting tool to manage GHG emissions and business productivity, with the assistance of an established network of advisors.
  • 50% of red meat product traded through certified low carbon or carbon neutral value chains.
  • At least three new methods of generating carbon credits developed with links to the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Emphasis will be on feedlotting, legumes and supplements for grazing systems.

Current activities

MLA in collaboration with industry, government and research partners, is investing in research, development and adoption projects to enable the industry to move toward the CN30 target.

Examples of research activities include:

  • determining appropriate combinations of emissions avoidance and carbon storage technologies and practices through technical and economic analysis of farming systems
  • incorporating emissions avoidance and carbon storage practices into existing extension and adoption platforms
  • developing resources and tools that support the adoption of emissions avoidance and carbon storage practices
  • linking outcomes from carbon farming projects into the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • developing new scientific methods to generate carbon credits
  • developing new measurement and reporting mechanisms to improve carbon accounting
  • investigating new accounting metrics for greenhouse gases from livestock.