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Frequently asked questions

1. Too many results are being shown or I get reports that do not seem to relate to my search keywords. How do I select what I want?

If using multiple keywords, add quotes before and after to get a more exact match e.g. “progeny testing” instead of progeny testing.

Try to narrow down your keywords by specifying the livestock species and region related to the project that you are searching for.

Use the 'Search by topic' to restrict the search to specific topic areas.

2. I can’t find the summary or report under the expected topic or the topic for the project is incorrect.

Some R&D may cross more than one topic. However, if the topic has been wrongly allocated, email MLA at

3. No detailed R&D report is shown against the R&D summary, or not all contracts under a summary have detailed R&D reports.

Detailed reports (in a PDF format) are not always available for a summary and its associated projects.

This may be because a detailed final R&D report may not be appropriate or required for that project (e.g. committee meetings, extension or communication activities, R&D support costs).

If you believe there should be a report available for a summary, please email

5. How soon after an R&D project is completed will a summary or detailed report be available?

MLA endeavours to upload a summary and a detailed report (if applicable) as soon as possible after project completion. However, reports may need formatting and publishing approval from stakeholders and service providers.

If you believe there should be a report available for a project that was completed in the past six months but cannot locate it, please email

6. The detailed reports are stored in an Adobe PDF format. What software do I need to read these?

You will require Adobe Reader to download and read these files. Download the free reader from . It is recommended that you do not take the option to install Google Chrome or the Google Toolbar as part of this download.