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About R&D reporting

MLA reports on all completed or terminated R&D projects that have been funded by any combination of producer/processor levies, voluntary contributions via the MLA Donor Company and Commonwealth funds. Projects where no funds were spent are not included.

All MLA R&D projects are reported via a summary, which may in turn be linked to one or more detailed reports.

For projects commenced after 2006, details of the contracts for that project are also shown.

For each report within a summary, the following is displayed:

  • Report title, including the main contract code if applicable.
  • File size.
  • Date published. This will typically be the date the report was uploaded or available from MLA’s web site.

R&D funds for a project are managed by MLA via contract codes. A project may include multiple contracts where projects are carried out in stages, or an on-going project or program is funded by annual contracts.

For each contract within a summary, the following is displayed:

  • Contract code.
  • Title.
  • Approximate start and end date.
  • Funding source.

Information on R&D project funding sources

 Project type  Funding details 
 Industry, Industry Company Managed Activity (CMA), Sponsorship  Funded by producer or processor levies.
 MDC PSH - MLA Donor Company (MDC) projects  Funded via voluntary contribution partnerships with commercial organisations and service providers.
 MDC PIP - MLA Donor Company (MDC) projects  Funded via the processors and Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) through the Plant Initiated Project (PIP) program.

 Support, Capital

 Funded by producer and/or processor levies and covers support costs for R&D projects.
 Commercial  Funded by producer and/or processor levies and covers adoption costs for R&D projects.


Meat & Livestock Australia acknowledges the matching funds provided by the Australian Government to support all the research and development investments detailed above.