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Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry

In 2017, MDC announced that it will invest up to $24 million to co-fund the installation of DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) objective measurement systems in red meat processing plants following cross-industry endorsement to accelerate the adoption of the technology.

DEXA technology provides timely, accurate and objective information on the lean meat, bone and fat composition of each carcase.

An independent report funded by MLA and the Australian Meat Processor Corporation found that $420 million/year is the potential benefit to the red meat industry from the full adoption of objective measurement technology. The report also found that unless the roll out of the technology is fasttracked, only $72 million/year of benefit is likely to be realised by 2020.

DEXA installations will be funded via matching contributions from participating processors and MDC. By June 2017, project submissions were received from four leading processors, including Teys Australia.

The export and domestic beef processor will have the first commercialised beef DEXA machine in Australia, with installation underway at its Rockhampton plant in central Queensland.

The beef side DEXA scanner is designed to measure the meat, bone and fat composition of each carcase. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing overhead chains, processing up to 600 sides/hour and can scan hot
dressed or chilled beef sides hanging from a roller or skid.

Carcase scan data is made available to the operator through a touch screen for real-time review or via a database, again in real-time.

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