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Transporting bobby calves

  • A Bobby Calves National Vendor Declaration (NVD) is required for calves between five and 30 days of age, not accompanied by their mother.
  • Everyone who handles calves must treat them with extra care and patience at all times. They are more vulnerable to handling stress and higher risk.
  • Calves that are sold as ‘bobbies’ (abattoir/saleyards at five to thirty days) must meet the following requirements and must be:
    • at least five days old
    • protected from cold and heat
    • fed milk or milk replacers on the farm within six hours of loading
    • in good health, free from scours and bright, alert, strong and walking
    • able to rise from a lying position
    • delivered within 18 hours of last feed and transported for less than 12 hours
    • NLIS tagged
    • free from antibiotic residues
    • in possession of a dry navel and firm, worn hooves.
  • An auditable and accessible record system that identifies the calf was last fed within six hours of loading – unless the journey is between rearing properties and is less than six hours duration – must be ensured.
  • A person transporting bobby calves under 30 days old must ensure all calves have sufficient space in the livestock crate to lie down on their sternums.
  • A person must not use a dog to move a bobby calf during the transport process.