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Transporting weaners

  • It is best to ensure calves are yard weaned on quality dry hay and have access to clean water a minimum of 14 days prior to transport. Refer to signposts below.
  • Do not wean calves onto the back of a truck. This is poor animal husbandry practice. There is a risk they will panic and smother in the unfamiliar environment, combined with the stress of being separated from their mothers.
  • Provide good quality, dry hay (above 10 MJ/kg DM energy and adequate quantity 2-2.5% bodyweight/day) and clean water a minimum of 24 hours prior to the truck arriving.
  • When planning the journey with your operator, consider the length of the journey and weather conditions. Do not transport weaners in heavy rain conditions.
  • Weather extremes – intense rainfall combined with airflow through the crate in cold temperatures can exacerbate the cold conditions and presents an increased risk for young animals in particular.