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MSA training

MSA training ensures participants have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the MSA system. This allows the system to operate to its full potential with maximum integrity. All MSA training programs follow a training code of practice.

Training modules have been developed for all participants in the MSA supply chain. Modules range from general program overviews to technical training for processors and practical modules for end users to capitalise on the MSA technology.

Use the MSA online training programs

MSA Meat Science Course

The next MSA Meat Science Course will be held in Brisbane in June 2023.

Facilitated by Dr Graham Gardner from Murdoch University and Dr Peter McGilchrist from the University of New England, the course covers all the scientific elements affecting the eating quality of red meat, from production through to the consumer. 

A link for registration will be available when next course dates are confirmed.

For more information email or phone 07 3620 5217.

Producer workshops

MSA producer workshops provide information about:

  • The MSA program and becoming a registered MSA producer
  • Producer requirements and recommendations to optimise eating quality  
  • Impacts of livestock attributes on eating quality
  • How to implement change on-farm to better meet consumer expectations
  • How to use feedback tools to understand animal performance.

Workshops can be held for beef and sheep producer groups in central areas and can be customised to suit the group.

Saleyards and agent training

Training for saleyards and agents provides an MSA program overview and information regarding managing saleyard cattle to meet MSA requirements.

Processor training

Beef processors

MSA has designed training programs for beef processing operatives. It is a requirement of MSA licensed processors to complete and uphold training requirements as per the MSA Standards. AUS-MEAT Limited provide MSA training for beef processors. More information on MSA beef processor training can be found at AUS-MEAT Training.

Sheep processors

MSA has designed and delivers training programs for sheep processing operatives. It is a requirement of MSA licensed processors to complete and uphold training requirements as per the MSA Standards.

MSA sheep training covers the impact of processing on eating quality in the following areas:

  • Livestock handling
  • Slaughter systems
  • pH decline and measurement
  • Boning room and loadout.

This training is delivered onsite over two days.

If you are interested in MSA sheep training, contact MSA on 1800 111 672.

MSA grader training

To obtain accreditation as an MSA grader, it is a pre-requisite to have successfully completed AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment. AUS-MEAT Limited offers both AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment and MSA Grader training. To find out about the next course and how to enrol, please visit AUS-MEAT Training.

Analytics for industRy

The Analytics for industRy program delivers statistical training to develop data handling and analysis skills for staff from the meat processing and pastoral industries. Participants are introduced to modern approaches to data analysis and visualisation using the statistical programming language, R. 

The course, facilitated by Dr Garth Tarr from the University of Sydney, focuses on handling mapping, pasture, live animal, and carcase quality and yield data. 

Download this brochure or contact for more information. 

More information

Phone: 1800 111 672