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Wholesale, retail and foodservice

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) underpins the quality of more than 135 beef and lamb brands. These are stocked by more than 3,000 independent butchers, supermarkets and food service outlets.

The green and gold MSA graded symbol is a quality mark indicating that commercial brands have been graded to meet MSA standards.

Online training - MSA: Excellence in eating quality

Any of your staff can easily complete the training and become your very own eating quality connoisseurs – a great opportunity for engaging more with your customers.

The program allows you to become MSA licensed or just choose the option to learn more about eating quality with no license obligations.

For existing licensed retailers, this program is a refreshing, interactive and educational tool to encourage all your staff to complete, taking them around 40 minutes to become officially MSA trained. Get started by clicking on the button below:

MSA: Excellence in eating quality

MSA has been optimised

The MSA eating quality grading program has been a part of the Australian beef industry for more than 20 years. In 2014, MSA beef processors adopted the MSA Optimisation upgrade, which brought an end to the old, standardised MSA boning groups (1–18). With continual improvement, processors can now manage the MSA program to better suit their livestock supply and meet customer requirements, without compromising quality.

When ordering MSA product it's important to be specific about: 

  • Eating quality level you desire – MSA 3,4 or 5 star
  • Cooking methods you intend to use/sell it as
  • The amount of ageing you are willing to apply – is it ready to use now or require more ageing.  

Do you buy MSA carcases?

With the removal of MSA boning groups, it is very important that you ask your MSA carcase supplier to provide you with a cut-x-cook report detailing how the MSA product you receive can be boned and identified as MSA. If you receive carcases from multiple suppliers, you must ask them to each supply the matching report.

WHOLESALER BROCHURE - Build customer loyalty with MSA graded Australian beef

FOODSERVICE BROCHURE - Customer satisfaction starts at the centre of the plate with MSA graded Australian beef

Find an MSA supplier 

Use the MSA locator to find any of the following:

  • Butchers 
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesalers
  • Processors
  • Brands

Note: the list of outlets licensed to sell MSA product does not guarantee that MSA product will be available on the day of purchase.

MSA Standards Manual for end users

MSA licensed end users (wholesalers, retailers, food service and supermarkets) must adhere to the MSA Standards Manual for end users to ensure the integrity of the MSA program is upheld.

View MSA Standards

Customer satisfaction

MSA product must meet consumer set standards as described on the retail label. MSA complaints regarding products or services are recorded through the use of the MSA customer complaints form. Completed forms should be forwarded to MLA. Complainants will be contacted within 48 hours of a complaint being received.

More information

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