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MSA beef

All MSA graded beef is labelled with an eating quality grade and recommended cooking method to remove the guesswork in buying beef for consumers. Assuring the eating quality of MSA beef requires standards to be maintained from paddock-to-plate. All participants in the MSA program are licensed to use the MSA trademark and certify products in accordance with the MSA Standards.

Grading MSA beef

MSA accredited graders collate information from the producer, supervise processing standards and collect individual carcase attributes using a uniform set of standards. Results are allocated to an individual carcase and the outcome results in eating quality information for individual cuts combined with days of ageing required and recommended cooking methods.

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Supplying MSA beef

Beef producers can become part of the MSA program. You must be registered with LPA to become a MSA registered beef producer.

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MSA Led Steer Competition pathway


MSA training is available to all sectors of the beef supply chain. The various training programs are designed to ensure participants have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the MSA system in order to allow the program to operate to its full potential with maximum integrity.

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MSA Standards Manuals

Licensed users of the MSA program must adhere to the Standards Manual for their respective operation.

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