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Improve your client’s productivity with myFeedback

11 March 2024

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has developed myFeedback, an industry-first single-source data program to support increased productivity in Australia’s red meat industry.  

The system, which brings together data from multiple sources into one single log-in, combines the functionality of Integrity System Company’s (ISC) Livestock Data Link (LDL) with MSA’s myMSA benchmarking system, bringing together carcase, eating quality and disease and defect data.

This combined resource offers a range of benefits for red meat producers, including opportunities to:  

  • Identify more compliant livestock by understanding how an animal meets market requirements and grid specifications. 
  • Compare livestock performance over time and at a regional, state, or national level. 
  • Understand and use processor feedback to help improve future  
  • Access a predicted lean meat yield percentage (LMY%) for beef and sheepmeat carcases to help inform decisions on estimated breeding values (EBVs), growth rates and weight targets to meet market requirements.
  • Proactively manage and prevent disease by analysing disease and defect data to differentiate between losses from health conditions and production issues.
  • Access to an integrated Solutions to Feedback Library, an extensive resource that supports producers looking to improve carcase performance and reduce losses from health conditions and production issues on-farm. 

myFeedback is currently available to producers with linked LPA property identification codes (PICs) to their myMLA account who are supplying livestock to participating processors, and will soon be available to all producers.

Additionally, there are options for producers to add associate users to their account, such as farm employees, agents, advisors, and veterinarians. Animal disease and defect information will only be available from participating processors.

To learn more about myFeedback including how to get started, view reports, share data and create grids, more information can be found on the MLA website.