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Kickstart your carbon journey at Carbon EDGE

29 May 2024

Registrations are open for the long-awaited Carbon EDGE workshops, and with workshops located around the country, there’s no need for anybody to miss out.

The new two-day training program will see participants using their own information to develop a tailored action plan to reduce the carbon footprint and improve sustainability and productivity within their own business.

From July to December, workshops will take place across New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

MLA Sustainability Adoption Program Manager Hilary Connors said that in a complex space, the producer-developed course is an unintimidating starting point.

“The course has been developed for producers at all stages of learning to help understand their carbon and emissions position and who wish to take steps to reduce their emissions on farm,” Hilary said.

“It’s also great for producers who may have already done a carbon account but want to look at a more detailed plan of what steps can be taken to improve business performance by refining productivity.”

Carbon EDGE was developed by an industry Working Group specifically for red meat producers, creating a space to best explore practical solutions that all participants are familiar with.

Prior to launching the Carbon EDGE workshop, the course was piloted across six locations, where it was refined based on the experiences of participating producers.

Participants of the pilots reported that they had gained a better understanding of carbon, with practical actions to take back to the farm.

“The positive feedback we received from the pilot workshops was great to hear, knowing that we have produced a workshop that achieves exactly what we aimed to, and fills a gap for producers,” Hilary said.

“The workshop will be delivered by independent advisors who can help producers weigh up the best options available to them. The deliverers will also be regionally based, and able to tailor the information to best suit the various workshop locations.”

During the two-day workshop, producers will:

  • clarify key terminology, concepts and where to go for trusted information
  • gain in-depth information on the practices to reduce and sequester greenhouse gases within a livestock grazing business
  • weigh up opportunities and risks associated with generating carbon credits and how they can be used to benefit livestock businesses
  • develop a carbon action plan that incorporates practical, achievable strategies to meet your objectives
  • learn about carbon neutrality and how it aligns to your business goals.

Registrations are now open at a first-year introductory rate of $1,000 + GST (valued at $1,750 + GST). This price covers attendance for the full two-day workshop in person and take-home resources.


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