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Latest monthly MLA podcast now available

20 October 2020

The latest episode of Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) monthly Feedback podcast has been released, featuring a focus on MLA Producer Demonstration Sites with Victorian sheep producer Mal Nicholson on the value of adding annual varieties to increase production; the latest consumer sentiment insights on red meat; tips to prepare for the wet season; and the highlights of MLA’s work during the past 12 months.

Episode four covers:

  • Demonstrating the value of adding annual varieties to increase production

MLA’s Producer Demonstration Sites program supports groups of producers to demonstrate the benefits of new R&D outcomes and technologies. MLA’s Project Manager – Productivity and Market Insights, Alana McEwan explains what the program has delivered over the past 12 months, and Victorian sheep producer Mal Nicholson discusses the outcomes of a PDS site he recently hosted.

  • How much do consumers know about the red meat industry?

MLA research has found that despite an environmentally, socially and economically tumultuous year, the red meat industry has managed to maintain or grow positive industry perceptions. In this discussion, Howard Parry-Husbands, CEO of market research agency, Pollinate, dispels common myths and tells us how consumers really feel about the red meat industry.

  • Five tips to prepare for the wet season

North Queensland beef producer and 2018 Nuffield Scholar, Colin Burnett, manages ‘Lara Downs’, a 33,000ha property north of Julia Creek, and knows the impacts a variable climate can have on production. In this discussion, Colin shares how he has built business resilience and his top tips on preparing for the wet.

  • MLA Annual Report 2019-20: celebrating resilience

MLA has recently released its 2019-20 Annual Report, which celebrates the resilience of our industry despite the extreme adversities it has faced this year. In this episode, MLA MD Jason Strong walks us through the highlights from 2019-20 and the focus for the year ahead and offers information on a series of MLA updates webinars taking place throughout November.

Launched earlier this year, the MLA Feedback podcast will now be released monthly, and includes everything from red meat producers to policy makers, and celebrity chefs to scientists.

The podcast provides MLA with an important channel to connect and engage with red meat producers and stakeholders.

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