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Opportunities in the Middle East

11 June 2020

There have been some recent positive outcomes for Australian red meat in Middle Eastern markets, including the review and improvement to some of the industry’s technical, or non-tariff trade barriers.

One of the key non-tariff barriers across these markets is restrictive shelf-life requirements. This means local restrictions limiting the length of time granted for meat to be stored.

MLA’s International Markets team has been focusing on this significant and complex issue over many years. This has meant detailed scientific research, advocacy with the trade and various governments, sponsorship and presentations at food safety conferences, compiling and lodging technical submissions and actively engaging with in-country operatives to build an understanding of the trade implications of the barriers.

Building on this investment, the recent disruption to supply chains caused by COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst to help secure positive shelf-life changes.

It is estimated that these shelf-life extensions will generate in excess of $100 million in additional returns to the Australian red meat industry, as high valued chilled product will enter a more favourable regulatory environment in the Middle East.

This week, MLA’s Managing Director, Jason Strong talked about this positive development with the ABC. Listen to the full interview below.