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Market reporting coverage for 2021

21 January 2021

Key points:

  • Each year the NLRS conducts an annual survey to review saleyard throughput
  • The NLRS continues to be a tool that delivers relevant and accurate market information to cattle and sheep producers
  • Market reporting will discontinue for two Victorian saleyards in 2021.

Each year the National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) conducts an annual saleyard survey as a service to stakeholders and levy payers. The 2019–20 saleyard survey, published in December, is available here.

The annual survey allows the NLRS to review saleyard throughput on a national and state basis, and by species. It also allows the NLRS to assess if it is providing market reports on saleyard facilities that offer the most relevant saleyard statistics and market trends to livestock producers.

In 2021, the NLRS will provide market coverage on 38 cattle saleyards, which account for 3.5 million head, or 75% of all saleyard throughput of cattle. These numbers are based on the 2020 saleyard survey figures.

The NLRS collects data that enables MLA to produce valuable insights, market information and to analyse industry trends. The NLRS seeks to ensure that its market reporting coverage is accurate, its composition is reflective of industry trends and to offer levy payers value for money. It is a requirement of the NLRS to ensure a good representation of each species on a state basis.

In evaluating the NLRS’s coverage and ensuring it continues to deliver the best value for all levy payers, it was assessed that market coverage of GRLE Sale and Colac should cease in 2020 due to declining throughput. The NLRS have appreciated working with GRLE Sale and Colac over the years for the collective benefit of industry.  

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