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Meat Standards Australia

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Meat Standards Australia (MSA) was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality consistency of beef and sheepmeat. The system is based on almost 1.7 million consumer taste tests by more than 250,000 consumers from 13 countries, and takes into account all factors that affect eating quality from the paddock to plate.


MLA supports MSA program participants through creating opportunities for businesses to adopt eating quality principles.

USDA tick of approval

MSA is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Program (PVP), enabling MSA-licensed brand owners to display the USDA shield on MSA-certified beef and lamb products in America (subject to strict terms and conditions). To enquire about becoming an MSA-licensed brand or using the USDA shield, contact

To learn more about the program:
Phone: 1800 111 672