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Breeders and heifers fetch impressive prices

22 April 2021

Key points:

  • The value producers place on quality females is extremely high, ensuring the long-term breeding herd is founded on excellent quality animals
  • Store sales throughout the country are providing both the buyer and sellers excellent opportunities

As the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator continues to operate above 900¢/kg, creating strong market prices across prime sales, store sales throughout the country are also providing excellent opportunities for buyers and sellers.

The quality of stock offered has continued to support the feeder market, while those after restocker cattle have also provided an excellent offering across all categories. The feedlot and restocker interest is fuelling prices, providing an excellent return and validating commitments that investing in high quality genetics and breeding programs will nurture stock through to point of sale.

Quality stock have been well received across all categories including heifers, PTIC cows and cow and calf units that are highly valued to the restockers, while heavier yearlings provide an opportunity for the feeder market to purchase cattle ready for feedlot entry at younger ages.

Dubbo Store Sale – Friday 16 April

  • 5 Santa Gertrudis weaner steers weighing 135kg sold for $1,100/head, or 815¢/kg.
  • 25 Santa Gertrudis PTIC heifers weighing 525kg sold for $2,510/head, or 478¢/kg.
  • 6 Angus cows with CAF sold for $3,520/head.

Dalby Special Weaner and Feeder Sale – Friday 16 April

  • Weaner steers to 280kg averaged 606¢. A top price of 650¢/kg, or $1,339/head, was achieved for 17 Angus steers weighing 206kg.
  • Angus feeder steers under 400kg averaged 508¢, or $1,821/head.
  • 12 Euro cross weaner heifers weighing 267kg sold for 516¢/kg, or $1,377/head.

 Yass Store Sale – Friday 16 April

  • The yarding of 3,960 was an increase of 2,307 head on the previous sale a month ago.
  • Angus weaner steers to 200kg averaged 691¢/kg, or $1,254/head.
  • 10 PTIC Angus heifers weighing 465kg made 508¢, or $2,400/head.

In the west, cattle continue to command strong attention from buyers, with the Boyanup Store Sale delivering some excellent results:

  • Murray Grey weaner bulls weighing 154kg sold for $1,039/head, or 675¢/kg.
  • Angus cows with CAF sold to a top of $3,120/head.
  • Light weight Friesian steers sold to a top of $1,120, lifting by $100/head on the last sale a week prior.

From all corners of the country, the value producers continue to place on quality future breeders in a heifer spec or cows with calves is extremely high. These animals will form the basis of producers’ breeding herds and play a vital role in rebuilding numbers with high quality units. This is to ensure the investment made now at sale time will deliver favourable returns into the future based on the foundation of high quality females that produce quality progeny to sell on.

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