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Let us know the status of your flock

27 May 2021

Key points:

  • MLA and AWI’s wool and sheepmeat survey has been posted
  • The survey provides useful information on lamb and ewe numbers, producer intentions, marking rates and breeds
  • Have the chance to win a $1,000 dollar fuel card by participating in the survey.

MLA and AWI’s wool and sheepmeat survey helps to determine production trends and producer intentions for the next twelve months. It will be available online from Monday 1 June, and has also been posted to producers.

Responses will help determine trends for both the sheepmeat and wool industries, such as ewe and lamb numbers, marking percentages for the previous year and the status of the flock rebuild.

The results of the survey will also allow for regional and state-by-state analysis of sheepmeat and wool production, as well as the industry’s standing at a national level, and highlight associated key market drivers and differing trends.

All survey responses will be made available after the survey’s completion, and will assist MLA and AWI to provide market forecasts and analysis that will offer key considerations for producers throughout the year – as such, it is important to have a large response for the most accurate information.

Individual data collected for the survey will remain strictly confidential. The survey will be available to complete until 30 June 2021. For your participation, you will go into the running to win a $1,000 fuel card.

Previous survey results are available here.

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