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Towards 90 (T90) program

Introducing the T90 Program

The Towards 90 (T90) program is an adoption program all about sheep reproduction. The T90 program is funded by Meat and Livestock Australia. It aims to accelerate the adoption of sheep reproduction best-practices. The T90 brand reflects the aspirational targets of achieving 90% and beyond in lamb survival across single and twin-bearing ewes.

The T90 program consists of 10 modules that cover the range in best practices that span the reproductive cycle of sheep, including adults, maidens, and ewe lambs. The 10 modules will be delivered through 4 main delivery channels:

  • T90 Focus Farms: Leading farm operations that open their doors for participants to see how the T90 best-practices are implemented across the reproductive cycle and at farm scale.
  • T90 Field Days: Each year at the Focus Farms a showcase of all things sheep management will be on display to enable producers, service providers and industry professionals to interact and experience the best the sheep industry has to offer.
  • T90 Exchanges: Groups of 10 or more producers implement a T90 module following a defined protocol on one of the group members farms with the help of a consultant or service provider. These are a chance to trial and observe the practice in their own neighbourhood.
  • T90 Teams: Teams of 5 producers come together and with the support from a consultant or service provider, implement a T90 module on each member’s farm, while observing and learning with their peers.

T-90 Map.jpg

The regions of Australia which will be covered in the T90 program.