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MLA’s top 10 articles from 2020

17 December 2020

As the year draws to a close let’s take a look back at MLA’s top articles from throughout 2020. It’s been a jam-packed year. MLA has covered topics from containment feeding to rebuilding a genetically superior herd and everything in between.

Here are MLA’s most popular articles amongst sheep and beef producers.

Top five articles for sheep producers  

1. Lamb finishing: is it worth it?

High-performance forage crop and perennial pasture systems were put to the test in NSW’s Monaro region in an MLA-funded Producer Demonstration Site to see how finishing lambs stacked up compared to the traditional store lamb system

2. Five tips for grazing sheep on stubbles

Did you know crop stubbles grown in Australia could provide about three billion ewe grazing days, or enough forage to feed Australia’s 65 million sheep for six weeks?

MLA and Australian Wool Innovation have co-funded the Modern Stubbles project to help producers understand how to effectively graze sheep on stubbles. Project lead researcher Dr Dean Thomas gives his top five tips for grazing sheep on stubbles.

3. Temporary fencing delivers long-term benefits

After attending an MLA-supported Producer Demonstration Site field day, sheep producer Matt Charles introduced new management practices – like installing temporary fencing before lambing – that helped him improve lamb survival rates by 20%. 

4. Finding more dollars in grass

After taking part in a PGS Pasture Principles program, producer Piers Dumaresq started to rethink the infrastructure on his property and how it could help improve return on investment –as a result he’s lifted ewe numbers from 2,000 to 4,500.

5. What to consider before containment feeding

Containment feeding has proven to be extremely valuable for reducing stress on both animals and people. Livestock scientist Dr David Masters shares his top tips for setting up a containment feeding system.

Top five articles for beef producers  

1. Rotational grazing: lessons learned

A streamlined rotational grazing system has allowed beef producers Deb and Fergus O’Connor to more than double their carrying capacity in just eight years. Learn more about Deb and Fergus’ beef powerhouse.

2. Seven tips for rebuilding a genetically superior herd

Producers who are preparing to restock after fire, flood or prolonged drought can use these events as an opportunity to rebuild a genetically superior herd. Felicity Hamlyn‑Hill of Beef Enterprise Advisory Services shares her top tips to build a better beef herd.

3. Strategic grazing for success

Producer Stuart Tait used the knowledge gained from his Nuffield Scholarship to sharpen his focus on grazing and benchmarking to intensify beef production on his property.

4. Bloat risk increased with improved seasonal conditions

Producers with lush, rapidly growing pastures with high legume contents should be aware of an increased risk of bloat with improved seasonal conditions. Learn how to identify, prevent and treat bloat in cattle.

5. Managing costs in an uncertain climate

There are long odds on keeping cattle productive when the northern wet season fails to deliver, but beef producer Ian MacGibbon has a strategy to meet the challenge head on.